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Units 1-5 New Inn Centre, Pontypridd

In October 2022, Singer Vielle were instructed to offer this retail investment on behalf of receivers Kroll.

A leading party had indicated they would submit a legal online clicktopurchase offer at £1.05m. In the meantime a second party submitted a legal online offer at £1m. The party promising £1.05m then submitted a legal offer, not at the level promised but instead at £950,000. As a result, the £1m offer was immediately accepted and an online legal offer formed.

A demonstration of how our the tech platforms and approach removed the risk of going “under offer” and suffering a “chip” at the point a contract is expected to be formed. Furthermore, the entire process is recorded in the clicktopurchase blockchain ledger – a unique and fully transparent audit trail.

A unique transactional platform where purchasers, owners and agents conclude the property sale process fully online. It provides the facility for a legally binding exchange of digitally signed contracts to be conducted.

To purchase, you must complete verification, make an offer and the seller must accept. Make your offer whenever you see the clicktopurchase® icon on property.

clicktopurchase® uses hash and encryption technology as part of the creation of the transactional audit trail; this is then recorded in the clicktopurchase® Blockchain.