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18-22 Victoria Street, Blackpool

In January 2022, Singer Vielle was instructed to sell this freehold property in Blackpool of receivers, Kroll. The property was occupied short-term by the local council, operating as a market, following the failure of the previous tenant, Top Shop.

Marketing commenced 6th January. An investor based in Switzerland expressed interest. Without inspecting, this investor submitted an online legally binding clicktopurchase® offer above the asking price on 14th January at 15:47. at 16:34 the offer was accepted and online legal contract formed immediately.

The entire process was recorded in our immutable clicktopurchase blockchain ledger.

A demonstration of speed, reach, certainty and ease, whilst recording in a secure audit trail all action.

A unique transactional platform where purchasers, owners and agents conclude the property sale process fully online. It provides the facility for a legally binding exchange of digitally signed contracts to be conducted.

To purchase, you must complete verification, make an offer and the seller must accept. Make your offer whenever you see the clicktopurchase® icon on property.

clicktopurchase® uses hash and encryption technology as part of the creation of the transactional audit trail; this is then recorded in the clicktopurchase® Blockchain.